Anti-Spam Policy
چون ما از قوانین بین المللی پیروی می کنم، بخش حریم اختصاصی به زبان انگلیسی ارائه شده است.

Valids has a no tolerance spam policy. “Spam” means unsolicited communication to persons with whom our users do not have a business relationship or who have not specifically requested (opted-in to) our users’ mailings.

We monitor the Services for patterns consistent with verifying non-opted-in email addresses. A user’s account will be terminated if the user verifies non-opted-in email addresses. Please report any suspected abuse to Valids. ISPs and Blacklist administrators may also contact us at Valids. Please forward the complete SMTP logs for the relevant SMTP transaction(s). We will take the appropriate action against the verifier of the email address(es) in question.

To use our Services, you must agree to verify only permission-based email addresses. This means all recipients must have opted-in to receive communications from the verifying entity.

An opt-in can occur either via a sign-up form on a web site, at a point-of-sale sign-up form, or on a physical sign-up sheet. Purchased lists may not be used with the Services, regardless of the source or permission status.

You may not use Valids’s Services to:

  • verify harvested email addresses from web sites or other sources
  • verify purchased lists (whether they are opt-in or not)
  • verify permutations of email addresses, also known as directory harvesting
  • verify email addresses generated via email appending
  • verify email addresses without the subscriber’s permission to receive email communications from your entity

You may:

  • verify email addresses for which a user has opted-in to receive email communications from you
  • verify email addresses provided by your end-users via a sign-up form for accuracy

Procedure for Handling Complaints

Your account will be immediately terminated if we determine in our sole discretion that you verify non-opted-in email addresses. If you use the Services to verify email addresses obtained in any way other than a subscriber opting-in to your list, you may incur a $100 (US) charge per substantiated incident (i.e. per verification) in accordance with state and federal regulations.

To determine whether you have verified non-opted-in email addresses we will:

  • review your verifications for patterns common to harvested and other non-opted-in lists
  • review any abuse complaint

Valids reserves the right to prohibit the use of the Services by any entity at its sole discretion.

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Last Updated May 13, 2015